There is a card game called “Loteria” in Mexio.  

It’s like a “Bingo” game and it’ s fun family game.  I don’t know why, but I love these pictures on the card.  They’re cute, but some cards are pretty weird.   There’re 54 pictures and some of them could be the “icon” of Mexico.  For example, “La Sirena(the marmaid).”  The image of  the “Sirena” is used for lots of artesanías(folk art) as well.  So that I began to have interests in this game and decided to investigate about this cool card game.  Each picture even has it’s dicho(it’s like a proverb), and they are so hilarious.  I thought if there’re T-shirt of Loteria, it’d be so cool.(Well, I also like T-shirt so much.)  I drew a picture of “el borracho” one day.  I was like “oh my good, I’d never seen such cool T-shirt!!!”(Now you can call me crazy.)  Then I asked my friends if they wanted one, too.  They already knew that I love Mexico.  So they said “yes”.  This is how I started this project.

Well, I think there are some motivation to do this project.  One of them is as I said above, “I like Loteria and T-shirt.”  Another big motivation is to familiarize people in Japan with Mexico.

Back in 2009, I got a job in Mexico.  I just wanted to live somewhere they speak Spanish.(I even hadn’t study Spanish in Japan.)  And I fortunately got the job.  When I first got to Mexico I only knew 3 words/sentences in Spanish.

  1.  Hola!(hello)
  2.  ¿Dónde está el baño?(where is the bathroom?)
  3.  No tengo dinero.(I don’t have money.)

The image that I had for Mexico were;

  1.  Tacos
  2.  Sombrero(big hat)
  3.  Cactus in the dessert
  4.  Men with mustache

Yes, so typical, so stereotype.  It’s like people who never been to Japan believe “there’re ninja in Japan.  and Japanese people eat Sushi everyday.”  It’s not 100% true, but some parts are true.  I was so shocked…  The tacos in Mexico don’t have  hard shells, and there’re bunch of high buildings and it’s pretty hard to find the scenery of “cactus in the dessert”!!  It’s fun to know the “truth”, and to fill those gaps is fun part of knowing other countries or cultures.

I really didn’t know that Mexico is such a wonderful country.  Everyday I knew/found something new.

When I got back to Japan 2 years later, I was so SHOCKED(again)!!  Why?  Because nobody was talking about Mexico!(yeah, of course they don’t talk about Mexico.)  It’s such a far far far away country and they don’t care about Mexico.  They don’t need to do so.  I thought it was so “Mottainai” that they don’t know about that country which is full of cultures, histories, colors and hustle and bustle.  Then I thought;

“I need to familiarize people in Japan with Mexico!”

Since then I was talking about Mexico to my friends and people who I met new.  They just didn’t know about Mexico like I hadn’t known before I lived there.  Maybe I could give a little chance for them to know or have interests in Mexico or its culture.  And I decided to use the “T-shirt.”

“If I or my friends wear the T-shirt that has unfamiliar design, other people might ask me/them, what is this?! ”

It’s fun to tell people about my favorite thing, and I hope it’s also fun for them to know about something they didn’t know…!

I’ve written a lot about the motivation of this project… however I just can explain in only one word.

“Because it’s FUN!!!”



ロテリアから拝借したデザインから始まって、2013年8月には、大阪のBeats Galleryのご厚意により『大メキシコ展』なるものを開催させてもらい、メヒコTシャツプロジェクト熱が私の中でさらに過熱しました。「メヒコが好きや~好きや~」と叫びまくっていて得た展覧会のチャンス。漠然と「メヒコを伝えたい」と思っていた私は、ここで「メヒコ」と再び向き合うことになりました。「何を伝えたいのか?!」。難しいなぁ~~、と思いながら、結局至った結論が「自分が楽しめばそれで伝わるはず!!」というわけで、とにかく楽しむことに徹した大メキシコ展。





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